Generate Abstract Art from Text

This page contains my program to generate abstract art from text. The program will convert text contained in a text file into an image composed of intersecting lines. You can grab the image with a snipping and grabbing tool, save it to an image file, import it into a vector art program such as free and open source Inkscape, trace the bitmap into vectors, apply colored fillings and other effects to create an abstract painting reminiscent of the work of certain Futurist painters. Have fun turning your name, your pet’s name, your city name, your favorite team’s name, your favorite song title name, or any other text into abstract art. The image below is an example of what you can obtain.

Text Generated Art

If you use the program with a longer text (1500 to 3000 characters) and default all the parameters, you can get an image composed by a more dense net of intersecting lines and have fun trying to spot hidden images (pareidolias). The image below was obtained processing Shakespeare’s “To Be or not To Be” monologue from Hamlet, repeated twice.

William Shakespeare – “To Be or not To Be” monologue from “Hamlet”


Click the button below to download the Windows executable and the Python source code from GitHub.