Convolution Reverbs

A digital convolution reverb will recreate digitally the features of an ambience and turn them into a reverberation space. This happens by recording an “impulse response” (a loud noise) inside a space and then loading this recording into the convolution reverb effect plugin. See “How to put brand logos in a track” section for details.

I designed several impulse responses and you can download them from the links below.

CMYK “Technicolor”

These impulses are in “Technicolor”, which is they are composed of CMYK color separations, one impulse for each color channel plus a white channel impulse. The file is a ZIP and can be loaded into FL Studio as a zipped project. Each color is arranged on a separate channel in the channel rack and the volume level for each channel must be adjusted to match each CMYK component of the color we want to design. A value of 100-K (the Black channel) must be set on the white (W) channel. The result must be then exported to a sound file and loaded as an impulse response inside the Fruity Convolver plugin. The individual audio files contained in the ZIP archive can be alternatively mixed with a different program to a single audio file and loaded inside a different convolution reverb. As explained in the “How to put brand logos in a track” section, the clear plastic containers were “colored” through the aid of colored lights obtained by shining a torch through Cyan, Magenta and Yellow colored acetate sheets, plus a Black impulse with lights off and a White one with just the torch light. Click on the links to download.

Laser prints rolled up inside Pringles tube

Coca-Cola glass

Clear plastic Ferrero Rocher bonbon tray

Clear plastic Strawberry tray

Clear plastic octagonal pastry case

Clear plastic mouthwash bottle

Clear plastic DVD tray

Clear plastic dish soap bottle

Clear plastic softener bottle

Clear plastic large bonbon tray

Colored pencils

This is a pack of impulses obtained by recording an impulse for each colored pencil of a 48 box, covering an A4 office paper white sheet rolled up inside a Pringles tube. The file contains a Zipped project with the individual impulses arranged on the channel rack, plus a PDF document with instructions on how to use them as color separations to obtain an original color and an Excel sheet to calculate the volume value for each color channel. Click on the link below to download.

Colored pencil covered paper sheets rolled up inside Pringles tube