Turn Colors into Words

On this website, you can find a program to turn words into colors called Text to Color. But how about the inverse? How about turning a color into a word? This is possible by turning a list of words into colors, through the Text to Color algorithm, and finding the closest match for the color we selected. The result is Color to Word, a program capable of finding the first 10 closest matches for a color in a list composed of color values and the corresponding word, in such a way the 10 words will appear in a text window right of the selected color. A possible use can be extracting colors from a photo through an image editing program, such as free and open source GIMP – for instance the color of a flower, of the sky, or colors from an art painting – and converting them to words. The program comes with a dictionary of all the English words, followed by color values.


Click on the button to download the compiled executable and the Python source.