This section contains info on sound production and sound design. You can learn how to produce a lo-fi track with a smartphone and a bluetooth speaker, the basics of sound related cognitive psychology, how to put brand logos in a track, listen to my demo tracks, download my programs for sound design projects, such as generating melodies and synth presets from text or colors.

I am not a pro musician or a pro producer, so I have no access to pro equipment or to a recording studio. The info contained on this website is focused on producing an electronic track through the aid of consumer equipment, such as a laptop running a recent version of Microsoft Windows and a commonly used Digital Audio Workstation (FL Studio from ImageLine is used here), one or more Bluetooth speakers (or traditional speakers), an Android smartphone with a recording app installed. But it can be extended to other computing devices, operating systems, sound production software and recording devices. I have collected this info and experimented with these techniques over the years as a personal research especially focused on corporate music, commonly referred to as “muzak”, the kind you hear in traditional TV commercials or background music for some kind of commercial purpose.