Turn Words into Colors

Here’s my program to convert short texts, such as words or short sentences, to colors. The program is called “Text to Color” and will convert text to an RGB color, displaying the color, the RGB values and the HEX code, useful if you want to use the color in a graphic program or on the web. Have fun turning your name, your pet’s name, your favorite team’s name, your city name into a color you can use for artworks, logos, web design and all other uses for custom colors.


The artwork below was created converting the words “Way”, “Street” and “Road” to a drawing, through the program Text to Art you can find on this website in the Visual Art and Code menus, and to one different color for each word with Text to Color.

Way Street Road

Here’s another example, created with the same procedure, but from the words “City”, “Town”, “Country”.

City Town Country


Click the button below to download the Windows executable, the Linux executable and the Python source code.


Text to Color screenshot