My Sounds

This page contains sounds I created from scratch, for use in music productions. You can download my zipped drumkit samples (sometimes a minimal kick+snare combo, sometimes a more complete drumkit) and my instruments in SoundFont and FL Studio DirectWave format.


City Town Country

This DirectWave instrument is composed of synth presets created from scratch with LMMS and Audacity. It contains a bass, a short synth and a synth pad created converting the words “City”, “Town” and “Country” to colors, the colors to waveforms and then loading the waveforms into the Triple Oscillator synth built in LMMS. Then the words were directly converted to waveforms, loaded into the Triple Oscillator, and the resulting synth presets were fed to a vocoder as modulators, while the “colored” presets were used as carriers, to generate the samples to assemble the instrument. Each word was converted to a melody, which was used as a starting point to compose the corresponding pattern for the demo track.

The conversion between text, colors, waveforms and melodies was carried out employing the free and open source programs – Text to Color, Color to Waveform, Text to Waveform, and Text to Melody – found on this website.

The instrument can be used to produce tracks in electro, poptron and synthpop styles. The ZIP archive can be unzipped to extract the DirectWave preset and the individual samples or loaded directly as it is in FL Studio to open the demo track.

Direct Wave + FL Studio demo project


Click on the button below to download the SoundFont format.

Soda Can Piano

This soundfont contains a short synth preset resembling an electric piano.

It was created from scratch with FL Studio from Image Line starting from a sample of a chopstick hitting a soda can. A looped long note was obtained by isolating a small portion of the sample where the waveform patterns starts repeating, to create a sound with an aluminum “feel”. The long note was then fed to a vocoder as a modulator, using a “red colored” long synth sound (made with FL Studio 3x Osc) as a carrier.

The carrier synth color was created according to the instructions found in the Color section of the Sound Production Manual.

Drum Kits

These are drum kit sounds I created from scratch. I used a vocoder to generate the kick and snare samples, with a short noise as a modulator and a layer of long synth bass notes as a carrier. Most of the times the short noise is me tapping my finger on an object, such as a laundry detergent bottle or a grocery store food package. The carrier was a layer of notes for the kick, a layer of notes mixed with noise for the snare. The carrier long note always has a pink coloration, because percussive rhytmical sounds describe to the brain the ancestral image of human skin, so I translated skintone hues to synth sounds to create these kits. A negative phase of the carrier (salty) will create a woman’s skin, a positive phase (sweet) will correspond to a man’s skin, so you will have to carefully plan the correct polarity inversions in order to dedicate your track to the right gender, according to your sexual orientation. Please refer to the Color section of my manual for instructions on how to control the color of a synth sound and to the Synesthesia section for more info about synesthesia. If you create your own drum sounds, remember to select a natural human skintone color or you’ll end up creating “aliens”.

After creating the electronic kick and snare samples, I had to degrade them through a subwoofer and a tweeter (see Drum Sounds for instructions), mix together the resulting samples, apply effects (boost, pogo, EQ) and perform the necessary polarity inversions to confer to them the desired synesthetic features.

Drum Kit 012Drum Kit 013Drum Kit 014Drum Kit 015Drum Kit 016Drum Kit 017Drum Kit 018