Generate synth presets from colors

This page contains my free and open source program to turn colors into waveforms you can load into a synthesizer oscillator inside a DAW such as FL Studio from Image Line, to create original synth presets.

Many synths are provided with an option to load your own waveform, to replace the basic saw, square and sine waveforms commonly used to create synth sounds. The waveform generated by the program will correspond to the subliminal synesthetic sensation of the selected color (see Synesthesia and Color pages). You can create your own synth presets to use in a track using color as a base.

3x Osc custom waveform


Click the button below to download the Windows executable and the Python source code.

If you don’t want to run the executable and want to run the Python script instead – e.g. to study the code or hack into it – you must install FFMPEG, or the program won’t start.

For instructions on how to install FFMPEG on Windows, Linux and Mac there’s a very good tutorial online. You can find it at the following link:


Main window
Color chooser