Count Word Clusters

What does a written text tell beyond its literal meaning? How do we know more about what’s on the writer’s mind or who’s behind him? One way can be simple text analysis. By counting how many times a word is used in a text we can understand a writer’s top-of-mind concern, because it will probably appear on top of the most frequent words list. If you want to count the frequency of single words, you can choose from several programs, scripts and websites easy to find online. So far, though, I couldn’t find a program capable of counting word clusters, which is, a combination of 2 or 3 words occurring close together more than once in a text. As psychology teaches, mind associations are connected with word associations, so word clusters recurring together more often than others in a text may be revealing about a writer’s motivations, concerns, social relations and everything that’s usually behind a writing project. So I wrote a program called “WordCount” for this purpose. It’s very simple, but it works.


Click the button below to download the Window executable and the Python source.